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Eye drops have never been easier.

Get the perfect dose delivered right where it needs to be - every time. Precision Dropper is the #1 tool for safe and effective eye drop delivery.

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The Precision Dropper makes using eye drops quicker, safer, and easier than ever before!

Our simple design is changing the way we do eye drops forever. No more flinching or tilting your head back, and no more wasted drops running down your cheek.

Precision Dropper
For Clinics

Start offering Precision Dropper to your patients to improve the eye drop experience and increase adherence rates.

Orders are placed in quantities of 25.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We're so confident in the Precision Dropper that if you don't absolutely love it, you don't pay for it. It's that simple.

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Don't take our word for it...


"I was never able to use eyedrops until NOW. This helped my dry eyes."

Salt lake City, UT


"I was wasting my expensive eye drops, by using a precision dropper it has helped me save money"

Los Angeles, CA


"I love that I can use my eye drops anytime, without ruining my makeup. It always releases the perfect sized drop so there isn't any leakage making my makeup run!"

New York, NY


"This is easy to use, and you don't feel scared dropping something into your eye like you traditionally do with normal drops. The precision dropper is a game changer."

Las Vegas, NV

Designed for Safety