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The Precision Dropper makes using eye drops easier, safer, and more affordable than ever before!

Dr. Jared Henderson noticed a need for Precision Dropper while he watched his patients struggle to put in eyedrops. He wants to create a product that makes eyecare and eye-health more accessible to everyone!

Who Uses It and Why?

Eye Dropper for Anyone

Whether you have dry eyes, red eyes, prescription eye drops, struggle applying eye drops, or simply want to prevent smudged makeup, the Precision Dropper™ is for you.

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"I was never able to use eyedrops until NOW. This helped my dry eyes."

Salt lake City, UT


"I was wasting my expensive eye drops, by using a precision dropper it has helped me save money"

Los Angeles, CA


"I love that I can use my eye drops anytime, without ruining my makeup. It always releases the perfect sized drop so there isn't any leakage making my makeup run!"

New York, NY


"This is easy to use, and you don't feel scared dropping something into your eye like you traditionally do with normal drops. The precision dropper is a game changer."

Las Vegas, NV

Traditional Eye Drops

Traditional eye drops are up to 5x too big for your eyes. Not only does this excess cost you more money, but when absorbed through the tear ducts and into the bloodstream, it's toxic for the rest of your body.

Most eye drop bottles have hard plastic tips which can cause scratching and infection when touched to the eye.

Precision Dropper™

The Precision Dropper reduces the drop size to the exact amount your eyes need - significantly reducing waste.

Because the tip is so soft, the risk of scratches and infection is nearly eliminated!

Putting in eye drops only takes a fraction of the time with the Precision Dropper.

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