Eye drops made easy.

No tilting. No flinching. No waste.

Mess Free Eye Drop Delivery


Yes, not only is Precision Dropper a FDA registered device but it was designed by doctors to be safer than traditional eye drops in 3 ways.

  1. 50% of eye drop users occasionally scratch their eye with the bottle tip. Precision Dropper is made of medical grade silicon that deflects at the same force as a feather making it impossible to scratch your eye.
  2. Precision Dropper completely separates a drop from the bottle before it is administered. This prevents any risk of contaminating your eye medication.
  3. Precision Dropper was engineered to give you the perfect amount of medication. Because of this we have limited the excess medication being absorbed systemically thus reducing any negative side effects of eye drops.

The tip is made to bend by the weight of a feather. It's so soft, that most people can't even feel it touch their eyes!

Flinching is caused by anticipation of something harmful happening. In the case of eye drops that occurs because of the force of a over sized drop crashing into your eye. By giving you the control to place a perfectly sized drop with out surprises we have significantly reduced flinching.

Precision Dropper is not intended for use with preservative-free bottles. The extra wide neck may prevent the adapter from fitting correctly. Please consult your eye health professional before using.

Designed for Safety
  • FDA Registered
  • Created and tested by doctors
  • Sold by doctors all over the USA