Precision Dropper™ Adapter for Eye Drops - Precision Dropper
Precision Dropper™ Adapter for Eye Drops - Precision Dropper
Precision Dropper™ Adapter for Eye Drops - Precision Dropper
Precision Dropper™ Adapter for Eye Drops - Precision Dropper
Precision Dropper™ Adapter for Eye Drops - Precision Dropper

Precision Dropper™ Adapter for Eye Drops

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  • Fast, Effortless, No Mess.

  • Better Delivery.

  • Saves Money.

  • Safe.


Quick and easy delivery without tilting your head back or ruined makeup.

Better Delivery

Gives you the right amount of medication - right where it needs to be.

Reduce tear overflow and eyedrop waste with the Precision Dropper bottle extension.
Save money

By eliminating misses and reducing drop size, you'll get 3x the use out of each bottle - saving you $$$.

  • FDA Registered
  • Designed by a Doctor
  • Sold by Doctors all over the USA


No! When you bring the tip close to your eye, the moisture from your eye will pull the drop off the hoop and into your eye. No contact is necessary.

The tip is designed to deflect at even the slightest impact, so even if it does touch your eye, you probably won't even feel it.

If you are concerned, ask your local professional if Precision Dropper is for you.

Your eye can only hold 7-10ul of fluid. Conventional eye drops are 3-5 times bigger than that. When you try and force 30ul of fluid in your eye, it will naturally evacuate the medication by blinking. Because of this, your eye doesn't have time to absorb the medication as it should.

Why are big drops bad?

We have a 100 day money-back guarantee. If you don't absolutely love the Precision Dropper, you don't pay for it. No questions asked.

The Precision Dropper is a sterile medical device and is not intended to be reused on different bottles. We recommend using one adapter per bottle and discarding it when the bottle runs out. Home sterilization has not been studied with the adapter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A Revolutionary Change

This is a pretty ingenious design. I really like the fact that 1) the drop stays attached to the "basket" end until you need it, 2) there is no backflow contamination to the eyedrop bottle, 3) you don't have to "aim" your drop(s) anymore, 4) the drop just almost magically flows into your eye from wherever you touch it, 5) the drop is exactly the right size, and there is ZERO waste, and 6) it is easily cleaned and reusable from bottle to bottle -- don't know how long it will last, but I'm betting it will outlast several bottles of drops before I have to replace it. This is revolutionary on several levels and I am so glad I don't have to worry about that awful blink reaction and drops running down my face I always experience when trying to use normal eye droppers.

Sarah Napp
You will never go back

It is just SO EASY! You don't need a mirror and there is no mess on your face when your done. Once you take eye drops with Precision dropper you will never go back!

Tina Van Wagner
If you flinch with eye drops this is for you!

I love it! If you have flinching issues with eye drops this is the product for you!! My son got an eye infection a few weeks back and was give prescription eye drops. The problem was he flinches so bad and before precision dropper we never got any in. Now we get it one try and there are no tears, his or mine.

Kathleen Nathan
Still waiting

Never received product

lindsey altom
The Eyes Have It

I am a Rehab Specialist. 30 years ago I started using eye drops to treat Glaucoma. My ophthalmologist says we all have misses with the drops. NOT NOW. The Precision Dropper provides incomparable ease and accuracy.