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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Precision Dropper actually makes using eye drops safer! The medical-grade silicone is similar to the soft contacts that people wear on their eyes. Because of the soft flexible tip, we have eliminated the risk of corneal scratches. Since drops cannot re-enter the bottle once they have been dispersed, the chances of bottle contamination are significantly reduced.

The tip is made to bend by the weight of 2 feathers. It's so soft, most users can't even feel it touch their eyes!

The human eye can hold 7-11 ul of fluid at a time. Most eye drops are 35-50 ul. This is why you may experience a mess during the application process. Because of our patented surface tension technology, Precision Dropper produces drops of 12-16 ul.
1/3rd the size!

Flinching is caused by anticipation of something harmful happening. In this case, the anticipation of an oversized foreign object touching your eye. Appropriate-sized drops and the ability to control how they are administered will reduce flinching.

Blinking will prevent your eye from absorbing the drop. It is a natural reaction to evacuate them by blinking since traditional eye droppers “bomb” your eye from a distance. Precision Dropper applies the correct size drop at close range to prevent an excessive “blink” reaction.

Most orders are shipped in 3-5 business days. If you have any concerns about shipping, reach out to We promise to make it right!

Yes! We have tested the Precision Dropper on every eye drop bottle we could get our hands on and haven't found one that it doesn't fit!

If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, contact us for a full refund. No questions asked!