The Science Behind Eye Drops: How to Use and Apply Them

The Science Behind Eye Drops: How to Use and Apply Them - Precision Dropper

Have you ever wondered why eye drops are so difficult to aim correctly? The human eye has certain limitations when it comes to focusing on objects too close to the face. In this blog post, we'll explore the science behind our eyes, the challenges faced while using eye drops, and the development of eye drop dispensers and assistive devices to enhance the application process. Discover how the Precision Dropper, a revolutionary eye drop dispenser, provides a solution for precise and efficient eye drop administration.

Understanding the Science Behind the Eyes: Our eyes have a remarkable ability to change shape and focus, but they cannot effectively focus on objects closer than 10 inches (25cm) from our face. While telescopes and binoculars use two glass lenses to achieve this function, our eyes utilize a single lens to bend light and converge the image on the central spot of the retina. Although the lens in our eye can focus quickly and automatically, extreme close-ups are not possible. This limitation makes it impractical to watch eye drops enter the eye.

Challenges and Concerns with Eye Drops: Many people who use eye drops often wonder about the amount of medication that actually reaches their eyes. It's common to experience drops running down the face, causing uncertainty about proper dosage and effectiveness. To address these challenges, innovative solutions have been developed.

Introducing the Precision Dropper: Your Eye Drop Helper: The Precision Dropper is an advanced eye drop dispenser designed to provide a solution for accurate and controlled eye drop application. This device utilizes the principle of surface tension to hold the droplet until it is ready to be placed on the surface of the eye. Although popular among the elderly, the Precision Dropper also offers benefits for individuals of all ages who struggle with eye drop administration.

How to Use the Precision Dropper: Using the Precision Dropper is simple and convenient. Follow these steps for effective eye drop application:

  1. Hold the Precision Dropper in one hand and remove the cap.
  2. Turn the bottle upside down and dispense one drop into the hoop.
  3. Gently pull down the lower eyelid with one hand.
  4. Position the Precision Dropper close to the eye, but without touching the eye or eyelashes.
  5. Close your eye gently, without blinking, to allow the medication to spread evenly.

Benefits of the Precision Dropper:

  • Ease of use: Its user-friendly design makes it accessible for individuals who struggle with traditional eye drop bottles.
  • Better delivery: The Precision Dropper delivers the precise dose of eye medication and delivers it exactly where it needs to be - and nowhere that it doesn't.
  • Safety: Precision Dropper makes eye drops safer by eliminating the risk of corneal abrasions and infection, as well as significantly reducing the risk of bottle contamination.

With the Precision Dropper, the struggle of applying eye drops accurately is a thing of the past. This innovative eye drop dispenser utilizes surface tension to hold the droplet until it reaches the eye, ensuring precise application without the need to watch the drop enter the eye. Say goodbye to wasted drops and uncertainty about medication delivery. Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Precision Dropper for a hassle-free eye drop administration.

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    The precision dropper will not stay on my dropper for Combigan.
    Please assist

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