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Works as described

The only reason I did not give 5* was because of the high price. If 2 came in the pkg you would have earned 5 stars

Jury is still out...

Just received my Precision Droppers (3). I have to use three different prescription eye drops daily. So far the Precision Dropper works for two of the bottles, but not for the third one, which is a very small bottle of serum tears. While the device fits, no matter how gently I squeeze, the drop keeps running through the "catcher" before I can turn the bottle right side up. I've wasted a lot of drops so I've decided to remove the device from that bottle.

I did receive my dropper

Works better than expected

It took me a minute to get it on my systane pf bottle but it was pretty easy to use after that. Works better than the other tools I’ve tried from Amazon

Best drops

Works great no more missed drops hits the right place every time

Happy customer

I really like how easy it is to use. I appreciate being able to get the drop in my eye without the excess running down my cheek.

Precision Dropper™ Adapter for Eye Drops

Great for Cataracts Eye Drops

I am just terrible with eye drops so I was pretty nervous to have to put in so many after my cataracts surgery. A week before the surgery I saw an ad for this on Facebook. At first I thought it was to expensive but the money back guarantee got me to at least try it. I am SOOO GLAD I DID! It is so much more clean and comfortable for me. I will never go back to the old way of doing eye drops.

Not usable on some bottles

I had much hope that the precision dropper would work but it is impossible to get the dropper on the PF bottle and keep it clean.

Worked great!

It worked really well on my Systane bottles though it took a bit to figure out how to use it. Great concept and I ordered another 3 pack!

Love it

Love this new eye dropper guide it works great

I love it!

Such a neat invention! I want one for all my bottles now

Precision Dropper™ Adapter for Eye Drops

Simple Solution to a Messy Problem

After wasting way too much of each bottle of my glaucoma eye drops for too long, the Precision Dropper now seems to have solved the problem of getting just one drop in each eye. Before, I seemed to get one drop in the eye and a few more running down my cheek. I look forward to seeing how long this bottle will last!

The Eyes Have It

I am a Rehab Specialist. 30 years ago I started using eye drops to treat Glaucoma. My ophthalmologist says we all have misses with the drops. NOT NOW. The Precision Dropper provides incomparable ease and accuracy.

A Revolutionary Change

This is a pretty ingenious design. I really like the fact that 1) the drop stays attached to the "basket" end until you need it, 2) there is no backflow contamination to the eyedrop bottle, 3) you don't have to "aim" your drop(s) anymore, 4) the drop just almost magically flows into your eye from wherever you touch it, 5) the drop is exactly the right size, and there is ZERO waste, and 6) it is easily cleaned and reusable from bottle to bottle -- don't know how long it will last, but I'm betting it will outlast several bottles of drops before I have to replace it. This is revolutionary on several levels and I am so glad I don't have to worry about that awful blink reaction and drops running down my face I always experience when trying to use normal eye droppers.

You will never go back

It is just SO EASY! You don't need a mirror and there is no mess on your face when your done. Once you take eye drops with Precision dropper you will never go back!

It's Just so easy!

Eye drops were always a pain for my residents. That's until we got precision droppers. Now eye drops take 2 minutes and there is no waste. This is Huge! as a nurse I have a million things to do and my time is critical. It's also a lot more comfortable for the residents. They don't have to tilt their head back and we always get it in one try.

Saves you $$$

Because of my eyes I am a frequent user of expensive eye drops. Normally a $200 bottle would last about month. I've been using this eye dropper for about that and I still have half a bottle left. This can latterly save people like me $1000's.

If you flinch with eye drops this is for you!

I love it! If you have flinching issues with eye drops this is the product for you!! My son got an eye infection a few weeks back and was give prescription eye drops. The problem was he flinches so bad and before precision dropper we never got any in. Now we get it one try and there are no tears, his or mine.

Works with pets!

My dogs have constant eye infections no matter how much I keep them groomed and bathed. I know this is for people but I thought it couldn't hurt, and I am so glad I did!